Why Buy a Wool Carpet?

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Feel at home with a natural wool carpet

From bold statement colours to modern patterns, a carpet can speak volumes about your personality and provide a showcase for your home.

Choosing a wool carpet offers a comprehensive range of benefits – from delivering luxurious comfort underfoot, to providing a safer environment through its ame resistant natural properties, wool offers both peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones.

A wool carpet is highly durable, resilient and easy to clean. With its unique, natural reshaping attributes, a wool carpet will not only maintain an exceptional appearance but last longer without having to be replaced.

With its renewable and sustainable qualities, wool reduces the impact on our planet, meaning buying a wool carpet makes perfect environmental sense – naturally

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Natural Science of Wool

Wool is a complex wonder of nature and we should not take it for granted. It protects the sheep from the vagaries of the weather and the different conditions it has to live in....



Wool biodegrades naturally and can be said to be truly blue planet friendly.

Bouncebackabilty : The ability for wool carpets to bounce back


Wool fibre is like a coiled spring and this gives wool its ability...



Wool has the amazing ability to "breathe” with the atmosphere, regulating moisture in...

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Woolabilities are a fact not fiction!

Some people are surprised that I am still involved in the wool industry - some, indeed, might be disappointed that I am! On the other...

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Naturally Spotless Wool

You only need to see the sheep out in the fields, roaming the moors day and night in all weather conditions to see how tough...

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